3 Day Retreats (Yong Maeng Jong Jin) are held onsite at Empty Gate Zen Center and typically run from Friday at 9:00 am until Sunday noon. Vegetarian meals and dormitory-style accommodations are provided. The Friday and Saturday evenings finish at 9:30pm and Saturday and Sunday begin at 6:00am.

One Day Retreats is an abbreviated version of Yong Maeng Jong Jin. The schedule consist of sitting and walking meditation from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm which includes an informal vegetarian meal.

Retreats are held in silence and consist of bowing, sitting, walking, and chanting Zen, plus formal interviews with Zen Master Bon Soeng, Jason Quinn JDPSN, or a visiting Kwan Um teacher. Retreats are open to all, but please contact the Zen center beforehand if you are sitting for the first time. If you haven't sat with us before, we recommend sitting one day before a full 3 day retreat.

Empty Gate Zen Center has closed and canceled all public practices due to the COVID-19 situation. Retreats will be held online until further notice.


2021 Retreat Dates

May 21 - 23 Three day retreat (YMJJ) led by Jason Quinn JDPSN (REGISTER HERE)
June 19  One day retreat led by Zen Master Bon Soeng
July 16 - 18 Three day retreat (YMJJ) led by Jason Quinn JDPSN 
August 21 - 22 Two day work retreat
September 17 - 19 Three day retreat (YMJJ) led by Zen Master Bon Soeng
October 16 One day retreat led by Jason Quinn JDPSN 
November 19 - 21 Three day retreat (YMJJ) led by Zen Master Bon Soeng
December 18  One day retreat led by Zen Master Bon Soeng

Retreat Schedules