Great Meaning To The World

jason quinn jdpsn teaching Jan 26, 2024

When we see the impermanence of this world and discover who we truly are, we can realize a truth that goes beyond impermanence. The truth is something every human being can perceive intrinsically and is already clear in every moment. It is acknowledging the difficulties and dissatisfaction in our own lives, which helps us to see the difficulties and dissatisfaction in the lives of others. We can see that many people are in a great need of help.

When we perceive that need clearly, the meaning of life turns into a vow, a path to recognize our true self in every moment and respond to the world with love and compassion. This meaning never has an ending. It motivates us to get out of bed, to investigate our lives closely, to help us pay attention to our place in the world and how we influence it. Love and compassion can spread throughout our lives to our families, friends, the people we work with, giving meaning not only to our life, but great meaning to the world we all live in.

By Jason Quinn JDPSN
From the book No-Nonsense Zen for Beginners