Clear View

jason quinn jdpsn teaching Aug 28, 2020
If we have some idea of what we are or who we are, we usually have some view of the world. It may be a religious view, political view, a man or woman view, monastic or layperson, even a Zen view. All of these views have their place, but if we are attached to any view, we can no longer see the truth. This is ignorance. We ignore the truth by seeing the world through our own attached view. And many times we think our view is correct. This attachment results in fear and anger, causing many human beings to respond to the world that results in suffering for others and dissatisfaction for themselves.

If we are sincere and diligent in our practice, the way of ignorance, anger, and greed can turn into wisdom, love, and compassion. If we can return to our true selves and perceive the truth of this world without attaching to any view, then it is possible to help ourselves and all those around us.
By Jason Quinn, JDPSN